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Atlantic wood

Design pieces born in the sea

Furniture with history

Our bond with wood dates back to our childhood, when playing among sawdust and shavings in the family carpentry workshop piqued our curiosity. Travelling and working in different countries around the world has brought us back to our land, Galicia and the sea.

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The sea, our origin


Rias Galicia

Our raw materials come from the Atlantic

It all starts in Galicia, the most north-western region of Spain. A magical land of saltpetre and tradition, with kilometres of coastline caressing the Atlantic. That is where we find the mussel rafts, and after years of taking care of the most exquisite products, we give them a second life.



Sustainable design

A second chance for the wood from the rafts that have floated for dozens of years off the coast of Galicia.

Rescued Atlantic wood

Galician sea at home

We want all Frouma furniture to be adapted to the people who are going to use it. That is why, with our made-to-measure service, you can personalise them and add the details you want.


Our values

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Exclusive pieces of Galician design made from raft wood.

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Maximum quality from the raw material to the final finish.

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Sustainable manufacturing, ethical values and fair trade at the core.

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Integrated technology, connectivity and functionality in every piece.

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