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Sobre Frouma 1

Our origins

We come from the sea, from a land like Galicia, where we learned through contact with wood and water.

This connection has led us to give a second chance to the rafts, which have preserved the life of molluscs for years and are a way of life for our people.

We turn the rafts into timeless treasures.

Sobre Frouma 2
Unique Details
Sobre Frouma 3

We believe in a circular economy

The land offers us what we need, so we must care for it and preserve it.

Our work is based on a sustainable production model, recycling, reusing and repairing existing materials, such as the wood used to make the rafts.

Giving a new life to materials to achieve pieces that last over time.

Handcrafted finishes

Combining design, sustainability and craftsmanship leads us to the purest and most natural forms of the sea and wood.

Our hands shape every curve, every grain, every detail to turn the pieces into unique designs.

Our values

Icon Diseno


Exclusive pieces of Galician design made from raft wood.

Icon Calidad


Maximum quality from the raw material to the final finish.

Icon Sostenibilidad


Sustainable manufacturing, ethical values and fair trade at the core.

Icon Innovacion


Integrated technology, connectivity and functionality in every piece.